LuLaRoe Care | How to Care for LuLaRoe & Other Super Soft Leggings

Proper LuLaRoe Care is important for super soft leggings especially. Keep them looking amazing and new for as long as possible with these tips and tricks!

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LuLaRoe is a clothing line that was developed around their feature item, “buttery soft leggings”. Their leggings come in all kinds of solid colors as well as some off the wall crazy prints. Their main goal was to help women feel beautiful but also be comfortable in their clothing. LuLaRoe has since expanded to an entire line of dresses, shirts, men’s shirt, children’s clothing, and of course they have expanded on their line of leggings. I’d say in the grand scheme of things LuLaRoe is mid range for clothing lines. When I want a cheaper option that restocks on an actual webiste I head to Legging Army. Not as many prints to select but they have an awesome affiliate program where you can get 25% off and that’s enough of a reason for me to sign up just for myself!

Amazing Legging Army Leggings

LuLaRoe and Legging Army are both specialty pieces run in limited edition batches and prints. One of their key selling points is that you may never see the same print twice. I stayed away for a long long time…but once I fell down the rabbit hole I fell hard. I love the material, the prints, and the fact that I can be comfy but stylish at the same time. It’s a boatload of wins as far as I’m concerned!

Caring for LuLaRoe is a bit complex but it’s a great way to make your favorite pieces last and last! 

There are some cheaper options out there for super soft leggings but all of these clothing items have a crucial flaw. The LuLaRoe leggings material and the other super soft leggings are made for a very delicate blend of cotton and polyester. The brushing that creates such a soft result also makes the fabric prone to weakness. When you are paying $25 a piece for pants that are essentially as strong as tights you want to be sure you know how to properly care for them.

If you don’t follow some simple rules for wearing and cleaning LuLaRoe chances are pretty high that your favorite pieces will soon be riddled with holes. These LuLaRoe care tips will keep your super soft leggings looking and feeling great for as long as possible!

LuLaRoe Care | How to Care for LuLaRoe & Other Super Soft Leggings

Proper LuLaRoe Care is important for super soft leggings especially. Keep them looking amazing and new for as long as possible with these tips and tricks!

Put Them on Like Pantyhose

This tip obviously applies to the leggings specifically. Step on in proper LuLaRoe care school is all about the gentle finesse of sliding those super soft leggings on! They feel amazing so I totally understand wanting to jump right into them, it’s best that you take it slow. For the sake of your favorite unicorn print make sure that you pull them up a little at a time and put them in place like pantyhose. If you are plus size this is a MUST. I struggled with this concept at first and I probably would have just skipped the leggings but honestly the proper size, pulled on slow, they’ll last a lot longer without getting seams and stitches ripped!


Keep The Nails Under Control

I keep my nails fairly short. I used to grow them out but now I spend a lot of my day typing on my laptop so I need to have shorter nails. That being said I have a house full of rabbits, guinea pigs, dogs, and the occasional cat visitor. Keep the nails under control is my second most important proper LuLaRoe care tip. Everyone should have properly trimmed nails and you should make sure to avoid sharp or sngging objects. Like a big knitted sweater your favorite LuLaRoe items will snag and pull if you are not careful! Keep them looking new much longer by staying away from sharp and prickly edges.

Invest In A Sweater Shaver

There will be pilling. On your favorite pieces that you wear the most you are going to get pilling. This is not just for you curvy ladies…everyone has armpits and they are going to touch your sleeves at some point or another. A good and gentle sweater shaver is going to do wonders to help you keep your LuLaRoe looking new. Some people will say not to use a sweater shaver on your LuLaRoe and it’s obviously up to you, but a gentle hand using the proper tool is much wiser than trying to use a scissors, pull them off with your fingers, or a knife. You’ll have fewer accidents and your clothing won’t get tugged and snagged while you try to remove unsightly pilling.

Proper LuLaRoe Care is important for super soft leggings especially. Keep them looking amazing and new for as long as possible with these tips and tricks!

Cold Water Only

In the world of LuLaRoe care and when caring for most super soft or sueded leggings you will need to hand wash in cold water only. I have a post here that will share how I handle my LuLaLaundry each week but for now I’ll say this…Take the extra time to do this laundry separate. I know you can wash them on cold in a machine but if you are trying to get the most life possible from your favorite pieces I’d highly recommend you hand wash.

I’ve had the least amount of issues and the best results from hand washing with a gentle detergent. I use cold water and then I hang them to dry! It helps keep them from stretching, fading, pulling, and best of all the dreaded holes are kept at bay a lot longer!

Be Realistic

Proper LuLaRoe care includes an element of common sense. These are not clothes that you can be crawling through the forest on your hands and knees in…be realistic about your LuLaRoe. I have a bunch of different kinds of super soft leggings. I have LuLaRoe, Legging Army, Walmart, Amazon,  Old Navy, and even some no name fleece lined lovelies I picked up at the Bon-Ton. There are tons of options out there and I try to be realistic about their lifespan.

When I love a print or a pattern a lot it can be hard to wear them. I get worried that they’ll be ruined or snagged, the truth of the matter is that wearing them is much more fun than seeing them sitting in a bin on my dresser. I wear them and I enjoy them and when they’ve lived all they can live I retire them. There are TONS of amazing re-purposing ideas out there for this amazingly soft fabric so a death in the LuLaFamily doesn’t always mean the end for that print.

Proper LuLaRoe Care is important for super soft leggings especially. Keep them looking amazing and new for as long as possible with these tips and tricks!


These are my essentials for proper LuLaRoe care, they work for any super soft leggings and shirts. Most of these are super cheap and you’ll see how much time they can save!


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  7. Rebecca Reed says:

    Can lularoe be washed in machine on delicate cycle?

    1. Meagen says:

      Yes! It can. I would recommend putting it inside out inside of a delicates bag to avoid pilling or snags! Make sure to check the tags. Some items like Monroe’s absolutely should not go in a machine

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