Travel Planning Tips for Millennials

Travel Planning Tips for Millennials

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Planning a trip is not like it used to be! There’s not more printing MapQuest directions or toting around an atlas (though I still do), and best of all you can be spontaneous because our cell phones have the power to book hotels, trains, planes, and more!

Travel Planning Tips for Millennials

Check out my top travel planning tips for Millennials and get ready to follow me on my next big adventure. I’m going to share all of my tips, tricks, and travels right here on the new Travel Page at Millennial Beauty Sisters. This world is big and beautiful and I’ve decided it’s time that I investigate.

Travel Planning Tips for Millennials

I recently decided on my next big travel destination and I quickly realized that if I let it, my mind will drag me into a planning hole that I’ll never be able to escape. The excitement that comes after a big travel decision is quickly drowned out by the nagging voices in my head demanding instantaneous answers to tough questions. To keep the stress at bay I’m working on a travel planning system and the first step is figuring out the best travel planning tips for Millennials.


For a big trip, organization can’t be beat. The first thing I did was grab one of my favorite softcover journals and designate it for all things planning related. This is where I’d suggest you start if you are looking for travel planning tips for millennials.

I know, pen and paper, how 70’s #amiright? But writing everything down is both cathartic AND useful. I like a physical to-do list when it comes to important tasks.

This is the notebook I’m using, you can get one like it right here.


The next thing I needed to do was figure out my budget. In this case, money is no object because I’m not leaving for about 9 months. I’m planning the trip and calculating the costs and then I know what I have to save until the day I leave! The trick to this part of the travel planning tips for Millennials is being smart with your money.

Even a trip that has no cost “cap” can get out of hand. I’m driving so I know I’ll have vehicle expenses, hotels, and some food stops along the way. All of these costs are being carefully calculated and then totaled up so I know what the trip will cost.

Make sure to include things like lodging, food, gas, parking, and ferry costs if you are crossing the water, I always include a rather large chunk of change for an emergency fund as well. I usually drive so I need to know that I can pay to have the car towed, stay an extra night if I get a flat tire or hit traffic, and you just never know what might happen.

Whatever doesn’t get used in the emergency fund goes into the next trip budget so it’s never a waste!!

Travel Documents

You will need to keep your travel documents well organized and up to date. My trip is a little far off right at the moment BUT that’s because I have some International travel documents that need updating. I need to renew my passport which is a lengthy process right now so I had to add a few months into my travel planning.

When I leave my travel documents will be copied and one set stays at home with my emergency contact and the other comes with me for checking into hotels, crossing  international and state lines, etc. I have a physical folder of paperwork that I travel with but this time around I’m also included digital copies in Dropbox.

If you don’t use Dropbox you can use another cloud based storage option but I like Dropbox because I can access it on all my devices. This way if I lose the folder or have an unexpected addition to my files I can just use the digital copies.

That’s one of the best things about travel planning tips for millennials…technology! You can get access to Dropbox right here. I have the unlimited plan for less than $10 a month and I love it. All my work, personal, and computer backup files are in one easy to access location.

Be Realistic

This one was hard for me at first. Travel planning tips for millennials has to include a little reality check. I know that I can’t do everything and see everything in just three weeks. I had to make a realistic timeline for both travel and adventures.

Another way that I’m keeping myself reeled in on this trip while I’m planning is by comparing my options. Sometimes if you take a step back and consider what it will cost to add / subtract things from your itinerary it can shed some new light on the subject. I was really conflicted between hotel stays and Airbnb stays and finally settled on a combination depending on what was available and when!

This unique link will get you $40 off your first trip with Airbnb!

Another hurdle was giving myself enough time to drive across the country while still enjoying some of the trip. I was in such a hurry to get there that I forgot that including a few extra travel days would make the trip better overall. Now I have time to stop and enjoy some amazing locations along the way. The final destination is still the highlight but I don’t want to miss anything amazing along the way, that’s kind of the point of driving after all!

List Making

I can’t recommend list making enough…I’m a total geek when it comes to making lists and they always help me. This is a great reference for travel planning tips for Millennials, and anyone else for that matter. There are some things on her lists that I completely forgot about before I started planning.

I’m living and dying by my lists right now because I’m in the planning stages! Once I get all this worked out it’ll just be the anticipation that’s killing me!

My favorite list making pens!

Stay Healthy

The stress of travel planning can end up landing you in the worst place possible…poor health. You can’t take any trip if you are not in tip top shape! I’ve been working on ways to stay healthy and happy lately because my stress levels the last few months have been through the roof.

Find what works for you and put your positive energy towards planning a great trip. If you find yourself getting overwhelmed take a step back, a little break, and come back with fresh eyes in the morning!

You can’t go wrong with a multivitamin. I take one recommended by my chiropractor daily and it’s been working great!

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