Fab Planner Friday

Fab Planner Fridays The Happy Planner Life millennialbeautysisters.com

Hi There & Happy Fab Planner Friday! This post does contain affiliate ads and links!

Fab Planner Friday The Happy Planner Life millennialbeautysisters.com

We have recently become obsessed with The Happy Planner and now on Fab Planner Friday we will be sharing that obsession with all of you! We love creating beautiful works of art in our Happy Planners and we have so much fun coming up with fun DIY projects and free printables to go along with our planners! This week we’re sharing an adorable free printable for Fab Planner Friday! This printable comes in two sizes so you can enjoy this insert with the BIG Happy Planner or the CLASSIC Happy Planner size as well!

Fab Planner Fridays The Happy Planner Life millennialbeautysisters.com

One of the main reasons why we fell in love with the Happy Planner is that the opportunities to customize and personalize are all but endless. We both love being creative with our planners and Fab Planner Friday is a great opportunity for us to share that passion with you! We are also sharing some of our great tips and tricks for using the Happy Planners. One of our most recent money saving finds is that Dollar Tree sells Wash Tape in 7 roll packs for $1 (GASP!) How exciting right?!?

Fab Planner Fridays The Happy Planner Life millennialbeautysisters.comFab Planner Fridays The Happy Planner Life millennialbeautysisters.com

Another one of our frugal purchases recently was from Michael’s…If you’re going to print lots of free printables for your Happy Planner we highly suggest picking up the Happy Planner hole punch. It is so great because it perfectly punches any sheets, photos, folders, or projects so that they can fit right into your planner! We picked ours up from Michael’s using their often available 50% off coupon which stacked with another offer of 20% off! We saved a ton and the punch is a great addition to our collection of Happy Planner accessories.

Another great way that we save on accessories and decorating options for our planners is by shopping deals and clearance sections at all of the craft stores! Everyone store carries something different and while it’s always nice to have the coordinating Happy Planner items we also love including all types of embellishments from different lines and stores! Amazon and eBay always have some great deals on bulk crafting supplies if you are an online shopper! Devyn is pretty much the queen of coupons and she checks every week for new deals at Michael’s (we might be a little obsessed with the Happy Planner accessories at this point) shopping with the coupons and sales means that we don’t usually pay more than half price for anything! Woohoo for saving money!

Fab Planner Fridays The Happy Planner Life millennialbeautysisters.com

This printable is available in both sizes for the BIG Happy Planner and the CLASSIC Happy Planner!! Make sure you click on your size and print for use in your planner this week!

In other Happy Planner news (you might have noticed this on Instagram already) there is a new release of accessories for the Happy Planners happening on 4/25! You can bet that we will be in on that so check back with us next Fab Planner Friday for info on those beautiful new options! There are TONS of customizable planner options out there so don’t feel like you can’t participate in our Fab Planner Fridays if you are not on board the Happy Planner train! We love to hear from you and I’ll happily include size options for other planners if need be!

Fab Planner Fridays The Happy Planner Life millennialbeautysisters.com


Before we sign off for the weekend we want to remind you that Monday is another installment of Mud Mask Monday! Grab your favorite book or magazine, jump in a bubble bath, put on your favorite show, or jump in group chat because we’re trying out some fun new masks and talking “me time favorites” this week!



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