How to Make Yourself Workout

It can be tough to make yourself workout. This is my workout inspiration and trust me, it's a good one. No one can deny the allure of cash money!

Let’s be totally honest for a minute…I hate working out. I am not, nor have I ever been, one of those people who “likes” working out. I don’t believe that is even a real feeling. “oh it’s so good for me, it makes me feel great” bullshit. I don’t buy it. Feed someone else that sandwich of lies, this girl ain’t having it. My workout inspiration is few and far between. In all reality I’m not keen on a healthy lifestyle and that is the cold hard truth. I try to eat healthy and live with a modicum of self control and moderation but it just doesn’t feel like me when I jump on a bandwagon of HEALTHY ONLY options. I don’t even consider it in most situations.

My workout inspiration is cash. Money. Give me dollars and I’ll go to the gym.

Wouldn’t you love to be able to buy shiny headpieces like this, or maybe this beautiful new palette? I will be buying at least one of these with my gym money. There’s also a good chance that I’ll buy these. I can’t tell for sure if I need these mixing bowls but I’ll be darned if I don’t figure it out!

It can be tough to make yourself workout. This is my workout inspiration and trust me, it's a good one. No one can deny the allure of cash money!

Recently I have had the tiniest motivation to head to the gym. My lower back spasms are way more few and far between when I exercise regularly. This usually keeps me motivated for all of about six days. I go to the gym, I do some cardio, I don’t have crippling back pain and three days on the couch. It’s a good system only it never sticks. I go a few times, I feel better, and then I feel good enough to quit going. Not ideal. This time, I decided I needed more motivation to keep going to the gym.

Insert “ka-ching” sound here. One of the best motivators for most people…myself included…is money. Dough. Cold hard cash. Here we have the conception of my most recent genius plan. I don’t need money, this is not that kind of system. I have plenty of cash to spend on whatever goofy stuff I’ll end up buy with my gym dollars. The important key here is that cash money is my working inspiration. I know that when I get up and go to the gym I get to put $2 in my gym fund when I get home. That’s a pretty big deal for me for a couple of reasons.

Guilt Free Spending is My Workout Inspiration

As much as I like to say “oh I can afford that” I won’t buy it if I don’t really need it at the moment. Stuff that I want usually ends up getting passed over. I don’t like to spend money on just “wants” for some reason I get to feeling bad…even though my bills are paid…and there’s money in savings…and I donate time and money to charity….and I help my family….and I’m definitely a good enough person to deserve some wild spending once in awhile.

This money is money that I feel like I have really earned. I get a good feeling earning these gym dollars and so I KNOW I’ll more easily be able to spend them on frivolous things and trips and makeup and pretty earrings.

I Like Winning Things…Even Against Myself, More Workout Motivation

Winning is fun. I like beating things, even if it’s my own natural desire to binge Netflix and eat chips. Really what I want is to have a bunch of money that I can spend on random stuff and not feel bad about it. Instead of totally overhauling my thinking I’ll just fight against myself to get to the gym, declare a victory, and come home to beef up my gym fund.

Half the Battle

I don’t even really mind doing a workout. I don’t love it, it’s stupid, I feel like I’m wasting time, but once I’m here I don’t suffer. Getting to the gym is half the battle. I have to get dressed and get in the car and drive to the gym and go inside. Yes, I have driven to the gym and then turned around and gone home based on the fullness of the parking lot. Don’t judge me, I hate people almost as much as I hate going to the gym!

If I can get a little bit more motivation to get out of the car and go into the gym I’ll take that any way I can. If those $2 motivate me to go inside then it’s a working system and we all know those are the ones you roll with.

Why $2 You Might Ask…

I would not go to the gym everyday for $1. Not a chance. I won’t pay myself $3 to go to the gym. Therefore $2 just seemed like the perfect option.  You can make this work for your as workout inspiration by finding a number that balances out those two urges. Pay yourself enough to be inspired and little enough that you don’t feel guilty for “spending” that money!

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