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Hi there! Let us take this chance to welcome you to Millennial Beauty Sisters (just in case this is your first stop)! We’re happy to have you here and we look forward to getting to know you other beauty lovers!  DSC_0438

Millennial Beauty Sisters is a work in progress and no matter how quickly we inch towards our goals it will likely remain a project. This ever-changing attitude is pretty similar to our love of makeup, nail polish, style options, hair care and style, along with most of our other interests! WE are a work in progress and our style will no doubt reflect that 🙂

Devyn, Katherine, and I all bring different things to the blog. We’re quite different so we always have a blast trying out new things. Pale, medium, short hair, long hair, blonde, brunette, we’ve got it all covered!



Devyn has never been your typical girly girl. She loves all things sports! But with a new found love of color correcting and contouring, she is a makeup junkie and a subscription box-a-holic! Don’t be fooled by her frequent Ulta trips, she is always on the hunt for a beauty bargain!



Meagen has been collecting nail polish, eye shadow palettes, and makeup brushes for way too long! She’s obsessed with finding new ways to contour and highlight and of course finding awesome new products to try. Organization tools and planners are always on my wish list. Watch out for fun Happy Planner Tutorials, Free Printables, and more!


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Katherine is our resident outdoor lover / hiking enthusiast / occasional health and fitness nut. She is slowly learning to be more adventurous with makeup and beauty products as we trek along this journey. Katherine is much more interested in clothes, books/movies, and health and fitness stuff so those are probably the things you’ll be hearing about from her!

We’re all glad that you stopped by and we can’t wait to share even more of this amazing and beautiful journey with you. Feel free to contact us anytime, we’re always glad to chat! Check us out on social media as well. We’re always posting new, fun, beautiful things.