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Nautical Happy Planner Stickers Fab Planner Friday from MillennialBeautySsisters.comHey ya’ll! We’re so happy to see you…and to say that it’s FINALLY FRIDAY! Woop woop! I’m very excited for Friday for a couple of reason: The weekend is when I get to do all my “fun” chores, we have an awesome printable for your planners today, AND I received a TON of awesome makeup from Julep, Ipsy, and a CVS coupon run this week. My weekend is going to be full of trial (and some errors) runs with my new products! I’m also pretty excited because I usually give myself at least a few hours to work on my Happy Planner during the weekend. During the week it’s mostly about keeping things organized and using my Happy Planner to stay on track but during the weekend I have time to relax and enjoy the creative part of owning a Happy Planner! This week for Fab Planner Friday we created an awesome printable that you can print on sticker paper! These Nautical Happy Planner Stickers are great because you can print them at home (hello savings) and you can easily make as many or a few as you’d like! Nautical Happy Planner Stickers Fab Planner Friday from

In case you can’t tell, I love matching and coordinating EVERYTHING! I usually pick a theme or at least a color combo for my weekly pages in my Happy Planner. I love that even when the pages are filled to the brim and bursting with appointments, tasks, and reminders that I can look at the pages and be soothed by the beautiful and creative designs! That being said: these Nautical Happy Planner Stickers are fantastic for all you Type A matchy matchy peeps out there! The strips for along the borders, the anchors, the notes sections, and even the quotes stickers all correspond with matching colors! Printing these on full sheet sticker paper works best but you can always print them on regular paper and glue them down if you don’t like sticker paper or don’t want to buy some! Glue dots are pretty much a part of my being at this point so there are definitely options out there for those of you who don’t want to deal with sticker paper.

I hope you all make it happy and safely through your Friday and enjoy the weekend! What will you being doing with your Happy Planner this weekend? Let us know how you like the Nautical Happy Planner Stickers and don’t forget to find us on social media!!

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