New Legging Army Product Line

The new Legging Army product line is pretty amazing. They're finally making changes and including more styles and even more sizes! Everything from 2T-26W
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We’ve talked about Legging Army in the past. They’re a LuLaRoe competitor and I’ve done comparisons and reviews on the blog before. But today we’re actually checking in with Legging Army to see the new changes! There is a whole new Legging Army product line that has been launched in the last few months. They have several new styles of leggings, new size categories, and they’ve branched out into different clothing pieces entirely.

The new Legging Army product line is pretty amazing. They're finally making changes and including more styles and even more sizes! Everything from 2T-26W

It’s never a bad time to check back and see how the new products are looking.

If you are new to Legging Army you have to give them a try. You get free shipping on every order and their prices are pretty fantastic considering you don’t ever have to pay shipping on any order, no matter how small. Their leggings are super soft, double brushed polyester blend, and they hold up SO WELL. I can’t stress this part enough. My favorite little munchkin is 6 now. She wears the kids S/M sized leggings and she plays HARD. We have yet to have a hole. Crawling around on her knees, practice for soccer and softball, long school days, the works. Nothing can beat these leggings down.

As for me, I’ve never had a hole in a pair of Legging Army leggings. I’ve only recently started ordering from the newer plus size line so the original Plus Size ones have held up just fine. In fact, they’re some of my favorite leggings in my vast collection.

New Legging Army Product Line

Skirts and Shorts

Legging Army now carries shorts and skirts! They come in different sizing and are equally flattering. I think this is great. I hate wearing leggings in the summer and I end up feeling like I’m missing out on the super comfy-ness of them during the summer months. Now we have options people! OPTIONS!

Sizing Options

Leggings now come in three different adult sizes. There’s a new size category called 3XL/4XL to cover sizes up to women’s 26. If you’ve ever pulled on a pair of leggings and just hated that they were super snug, these are a great option. They are also great for those of us who were at the top range of the Plus Size category. I like to have a little extra room in my leggings, makes me feel less like a sausage, a sexy sausage…I mean, if you’re not watching Bob’s Burgers this is a totally shameless plug. Check it out…after you get yourself come comfy couch pants.

Sublimation Series

Vivid Colors, Fade Resistant, Form Fitting and DURABLE!

That’s right from the website folks. These leggings are specifically designed to be all of those things. The new Legging Army product line features this entirely new product that you should check out. The prints are mind boggling.

Active Collection

Have you always wanted to workout in leggings? Now you can! These new active leggings are one of my favorite parts of the new Legging Army product line. They have some fun prints but more importantly they’re designed for the gym or an active lifestyle. They’ll hold up to that sort of abuse!

New Website

The whole new Legging Army product line is able to shine with the sparkly new website. If you haven’t seen it, I say you head on over there there now. It’s pretty great and they did a really nice job of making it more friendly for shopping.

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