Daily Routine – Why You Need One

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There are a lot of reasons why I advocate often and loudly for a daily routine. Today my motivation for sharing this info with you is a little braggy…I’m pretty blessed so it’s not unusual for me to feel like I have a great reason to brag about someone in my life. My best friend recently decided to go out on a limb, she left a job that she loved in order to move closer to her husbands job. She’s been a little down in the dumps this summer while she’s been looking for a new job, a new house, and most of all: a new routine. We’ve both always been the kind of people who thrive with a well planned routine.

A daily routine can keep you on track, help make you more productive, and it can make you happier! 

There is beauty in the everyday, menial, simple tasks of our daily lives. A daily routine is important for a lot of reasons. These are just a few!

In an effort to get back on track with my business and my life in general I’ve made a seriously huge effort the last few weeks to get back into a healthy and happy making daily routine. Because we’re currently living together Katherine and I have had the distinct joy of dealing with my new found productivity together 🙂 Now for the braggy bit…Katherine starts a new job tomorrow! I’m so excited for her.

Not only is she thrilled to get back into her daily routine but she’s excited for the job itself. So many people in this world wake up everyday in a bed they hate, in a home they don’t love. They put on pants that they don’t like, and drive to a job that they hate. People do all of this to pay for their life that they’re not happy with. It’s UNUSUAL, to say the least, for a person to find a job that they love. This is a love kind of job for her and I’m so thrilled, proud, and excited for her! Her new found daily routine is what motivated me to share these tips with you. I believe that in some way or another everyone can live a more beautiful life if they have a daily routine they can stick with!

Why You Need a Daily Routine: 

There isn’t one easy simple way to make a daily routine work for you. If my simply saying that you should work really hard to build a daily routine that works for you isn’t enough, let these great reasons convince you instead. The good news is that there are TONS of products out there to make this process easier. These are some of my favorite planners, pens, notebooks, magnetic lists, focus aids, and travel bottles for when I’ve done a good job!


When I get out my daily routine I’m a total slug. I get next to nothing done everyday. The house is usually a mess, the laundry piles up all over the house. It’s a wreck. Sometimes when I have a million things going on the last time consuming task I want to add to the pile is making a list. There are tons of ways to make this work. You can use pen and paper lists, electronic reminders, iCal, sticky notes, the possibilities are endless! The most important thing here is that you understand how much more you can achieve in a day when you have a daily routine.

Get up at the same time everyday, make time for some exercise, eat your meals at the same time, simple things that can change your life. Work hard at keeping your life within the bounds of your daily routine and you’d be surprised how much you can get accomplished.

Health Benefits 

You might have guessed this by now but daily routines are not just good for you mentally. Really they’re also good for you in a lot of physical ways. There is so much research that shows how your body responds positively to a daily routine. Going into the winter and fall months is one time when I’m especially grateful for a daily routine. I hate to think that the lack of daylight means that I will be be accomplishing less. More realistically I also worry that I’ll gain weight, become depressed, and end up in a funk which can damage my relationships! When I consider all of these issues it makes me even more motivated to perfect my daily routine.

There is beauty in the everyday, menial, simple tasks of our daily lives. A daily routine is important for a lot of reasons. These are just a few!


If being happy and productive doesn’t do it for you maybe the idea of happiness will motivate you towards taking on a daily routine. I’m not just talking about the happiness you’ll find from being healthy and productive. There’s a good chance that a daily routine will help you feel happier in other ways as well. My daily routine for example often helps me have more time with my family and friends. Without a daily routine I’m scrambling around trying to get things done. I feel overwhelmed and I rarely make time for the things in my life that truly make me happy. With a well polished daily routine there is always time for the little things that provide the most happiness.


One of the most motivational reasons I’ve found for sticking to my daily routine is success. I’ve found success at home and in business. It’s so much easier to accomplish my goals when I have a clear path and plan to get there. For a long time my biggest pet peeve was all the clutter around the house. My first goal when I pushed myself back into my daily routine was to get rid of all the extra clutter around the house. Not only did this make me feel so accomplished and happier in my home / workplace it also freed up all that time I spend complaining about the clutter for me to do other things.

My current business goals are coming to life as we speak. When I’m working for clients the first thing to get pushed to the back burner is my blogs. I’m working as we speak to change that!

There is beauty in the everyday, menial, simple tasks of our daily lives. A daily routine is important for a lot of reasons. These are just a few!

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