The “OG” Mud Mask Monday

Mud Mask Monday April 4 2016

Mud Mask Monday

You might be thinking “This is a fantastic idea, I need to do that” and of course you would be…RIGHT! Welcome to our very first segment of Mud Mask Monday! We’re hoping that this can be much more than just pictures of Devyn and I looking like clowns; we want this to be an excellent and relaxing start to your week, a weekly tradition that we can all share! This week’s Mud Mask Monday is also special because it’s our first “official” post on Millennial Beauty Sisters.

Mud Mask Monday April 4 2016

The mask that I’m wearing this week is pretty cool. We will be trying all different kinds of masks for our Mud Mask Monday segments but this week mine is store-bought. It’s a cucumber melon wash off mask that Devyn gave me for my birthday and this is the first time I’ve set aside time to enjoy a relaxing mask! I love that this mask comes in a pouch that you can reseal, it was fantastic to apply because it comes out as a buttery smooth cream. The cream goes on green, turns white (rather quickly as you can see) and then sets to a sort of seafoam color when it is dry. I left it on a little longer than the recommended 15 minutes because I wanted to wash it off in the shower but it didn’t bother my skin to have it on a few extra minutes.

This mask left my skin feeling and looking great. I can’t lie…I didn’t exactly do “nothing” while I had my Monday Mud Mask cooking…I wrote this post! I love writing and taking pictures so in all reality this is my relaxation time! Devyn was away from a long weekend…that was SUPER exciting so she was busy unpacking tonight. Next week, there will be two clowny faces relaxing and chatting about mud masks on a Monday!

What would you do with some Mud Mask Monday time? Do you have a favorite mask that you think we should try?


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