Gearing Up For A Fall Wardrobe

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I don’t know about you, but I’ve been ready for Fall since about the second week of August. I love summer, the pool is my favorite place to hang out, but eventually it gets old and I’m ready for cooler air. One of the main reasons why I’m so stoked for Fall (and Winter) this year is that I’m working from home. For years I had to wear whatever was required to suit a dress code. Now that I’m working for myself the boss is pretty lenient with the dress code enforcement! Now I can really be excited for Fall weather and my Fall wardrobe.

Putting together a comfy but stylish Fall wardrobe is easy with these key pieces.

You may or may not have noticed that I’ve been sharing a lot of awesome LuLaRoe and Legging Army content lately. I’ve jumped on that bandwagon and I intend to ride that sucker until it crashes. Sooooo all Summer long I’ve been amassing this super comfy Fall wardrobe and now it’s finally time to wear it all! If you are looking for some key Fall wardrobe pieces you can find them here, right here, in this post! 🙂

Gearing up for a Fall wardrobe is easy with online shopping and a few key pieces. Check out my Fall wardrobe must haves. All in one place, and on the cheap!

Where / How Do I Choose My Key Fall Wardrobe Pieces?!?

Another thing I really love…in case you didn’t figure this out…is online shopping. Amazon is my JAM. If you don’t have a Prime membership you should get the 30 day free trial right now. You can do all your Christmas shopping on Amazon and get free two day shipping. Then you can cancel the membership and go back to living without two day shipping if you want! Amazon Prime is amazing because if you need it faster (like I often do) you can be a tiny little shipping fee and get it in ONE DAY! I know, it’s amazing.

Anywho, back to the point. You can check out these awesome Fall wardrobe pieces. I need to have lots of really soft leggings and these are so much more affordable than the LuLaRoe and Legging Army ones that I’ve been stockpiling the last few months. To go along with those gorgeous and comfy leggings you’ll need some ankle boots and tunic tops. Don’t worry, also on the cheap.

No Fall wardrobe would be complete without some awesome accessories. I love wearing patterned leggings, solid tops and then adding in some more color and prints with a cool or funky scarf. You can’t go wrong with a beautiful hat, some fun bracelets, and of course mittens!

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