Why Millennials Love Beauty Subscription Boxes

Millennials love beauty subscription boxes, we love all subscription boxes. They're easy, fun, and delivered right to the front door on the cheap. Why not!

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Perhaps it’s a gross overstatement to say that all millennials love beauty subscription boxes, or subscription boxes in general. I’m aware that not every millennial out there feels the same way that I do about beauty subscription boxes! What I mean to say is that it’s a business model that is aimed directly at millennials, and it works very well. It works for a few reasons, I’m going to focus on the reasons that apply specifically to beauty subscription boxes. Also, in case you didn’t notice…this post has a peek inside my September Julep Maven box 🙂

Beauty subscription boxes and the millennial generation, a love affair for the history books.

We’re a generation raised on technology that loves getting packages in the mail. For a group of people who have watched traditional mail go by the wayside we sure do love opening packages every month. There are subscription boxes for almost anything you can imagine and we buy them all. Is there a psychological difference between millennials and the baby boomers? Do we really need all of this stuff? Why shouldn’t I order groceries from Amazon? All valid questions with alarming answers. I buy beauty subscription boxes for loads of different reasons, these are a few general features that I’ve noticed have the most draw for millennial consumers.

Millennials love beauty subscription boxes, we love all subscription boxes. They're easy, fun, and delivered right to the front door on the cheap. Why not!

Ease of Use

One of the biggest reasons why millennials love beauty subscription boxes is simple. They’re easy. We can get the products we love, new stuff to try out, tried and true favorites, the works. They all come bundled up nice and neat to our front door every month. No muss, no fuss, no talking to a sales person or interacting with another human. We can get all the interaction we need from our YouTube followers when we unbox that pretty package. Companies like ipsy, Julep, Birchbox, ScentBird, Sephora, and a slew of others all have a pretty sound business plan. They give a specific consumer things that they want in an easy fashion. You can get a millennial to buy almost anything if they think it will make their lives easier.

Technologically Inclined

There’s a reason most grandmas out there are not shopping for LuLaRoe or receiving a glam bag every month. Millennials love beauty subscription boxes because they are technologically inclined. If we can do it from our laptop or our phones there is a good chance we’re interested. This is where marketing comes into play BIG TIME. These companies know where they can reach us.

We spend half our time on social media and that’s where they are as well. They’re not just marketing the service and the subscription boxes. They’re selling a lifestyle that we’re familiar with. These companies are showing us people that we want to emasculate and we’re hooked. You can’t be the next YouTube star if you’re not unboxing your beauty subscription boxes for 13 followers each month 🙂 It boils down to where the eyes are, for millennials that’s typically on a screen of some sort. People who don’t spend as much time in front of a screen are less likely to buy into these types of services.

Treat Yo’ Self

I think as a generation millennials are more inclined to do nice things for themselves. Some people, like my parents, might think these seems selfish…We’re the first generation in history to focus more on ourselves than on the traditional family roles of our parents and grandparents. Women are waiting longer to have children, we’re more likely to spend less on mortgages and rent, and funnel that money into consumer products. Somewhere along the line I think it comes down to an inherent guilt that millennials just don’t have.

Our parents lived in this world where they were taught to save, plan for the future, and build a nest egg. You needed to be prepared for the worst because back then the worst was happening on and off without warning. Millennials love beauty subscription boxes because they’re like a little treat each month. It’s a pretty package, some fun items, and a great experience. We’re not worried about blowing that $10-$20 because the focus isn’t on the future, it’s on the here and now. (I know this seems incredibly short sighted…BUT I’ve also learned from some terrible losses that life is short) This focus on living life to the fullest NOW is a fairly new concept and it’s one that millennials hold onto like a brand new cell phone.

Millennials love beauty subscription boxes, we love all subscription boxes. They're easy, fun, and delivered right to the front door on the cheap. Why not!

Price Point Matters

Another reason why millennials love beauty subscription boxes is because of their price point. Most of these beauty subscription boxes are less than $30. You get a bag on a monthly basis and in a world where $10 is the price of coffee and a pastry on the way to the office each morning we’re not inclined to discontinue the service based on price. It’s not so costly that we’re willing to jump through hoops to cancel but it’s also just enough to keep us paying attention.

These companies know what they’re doing, we pay attention and stay interested because of the price but we also ignore the charge when it’s not something we’re completely happy with. If I make a big purchase and I’m not happy with it you better believe it’s going back to the store for a refund, exchange, etc. For $10 if I get something that I don’t like I’m not going do anything. I’ll gift it, toss it, trade it, or stuff it in a drawer somewhere until I remember that it’s there.

The Thrill of Mystery

Being in the loop, part of the gang, on the edge of our seat, etc. is all very thrilling for millennials. One of the reasons we love beauty subscription boxes is because we get to be curious. With some beauty subscription boxes you can pick your items but ONLY if you are part of the service and only during a specific window of time. This is one of the main reasons why I love Julep! With other services you are surprised each month with new items that are unknown until you receive your package.

I, like most millennials, love the thrill of mystery. Millennials, despite being completely uninterested in interpersonal communication, are prone to a pack mentality. Show us a group of women who are doing something that we’re not and BOOM we want in. Not always a bad thing…says my hoarders den of a closet and makeup room. I’m sure you’re looking at your makeup drawer or bag and thinking “am I hoarder” the answer is probably “yes” but don’t feel bad, no judgement here!

There are a lot of reasons why I am the perfect consumer for beauty subscription boxes. They don’t all seem flattering when put under a microscope but overall it’s a great system. As consumers we’re getting something that we want for a price we feel is fair. None of these beauty subscription boxes would be doing so well if we felt that the service was overpriced or unnecessary afterall!

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Millennials love beauty subscription boxes, we love all subscription boxes. They're easy, fun, and delivered right to the front door on the cheap. Why not!

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